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Who We Are

Pipeworkz was born out of necessity! Owners Josh Heavner and Dustin Chipman owned a very
successful utility infrastructure company in the Midwest, and constantly battled long lead times
and supply chain issues relating to HDPE conduit availability. From the frustrations of those
issues Pipeworkz was born.

The Pipeworkz goal is to be the premier pipe extrusion manufacturer in the Midwest. We strive
to offer a superior quality product at a fair price that meets or exceeds our client’s
expectations. Pipeworkz is located in Bates City, MO where we employ locally, and have deep
ties to the community.

Pipeworkz is strategically adding extruder lines to expand our offerings to our customers. As we
grow, we will be adding additional capacity by opening satellite locations, increasing our
availability to our clients. We hope to be your primary provider for quality HDPE pipe!

Staff Directory


President/ Operations                                    Josh Heavner          

Vice President/ Sales                                     Dustin Chipman      

Logistics Coordinator                                     Dennis Prochazka   

Office Manager                                              Trish Storts              

Administrative Asst/ HR                                 Sara Bednarik          

Billings/ General Correspondences                                                

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